The Best European Sustainability Project in Rural Areas

Duorum Vinhos, a winery from the goup João Portugal Ramos Vinhos, was considered The Best European Sustainability Project in Rural Areas

This award with 13 years of existence is promoted by several entities, including "Anders Wall Foundation", "Friends of the Countryside", "DG Environment European Commission" and  "Swedish Royal Forestry and Agriculture Academy" awarding every year the European project that best contributed to sustainable rural development, landscape preservation and promotion of biodiversity, enhancing also the rural economy within the European community.

The award is given to business management models with impact at local, national and European level.
DUORUM project is the result of the wish of two recognized winemakers, João Portugal Ramos and José Maria Soares Franco, to develop a wine project dedicated exclusively to Douro region  which is embodied in recognized brands as "Tons de DUORUM", "DUORUM Colheita", "DUORUM Reserva "," DUORUM O. Leucura "and" DUORUM Vintage Port ".

Started in 2007, DUORUM project always expressed environmental concerns about the preservation of ancestral landscape of Douro Demarcated Region (World Heritage) and inclusion in the socio-economic disadvantaged environment where it operates, contributing to job creation, attraction of visitors, wine heritage regeneration and also the preservation of several rare and endangered species living at the estate,  thereby contributing to the objectives of the European network of parks and protected areas within Natura 2000. As a result of exemplary management, in 2012 DUORUM joined the initiative "Business & Biodiversity", which consists in a group of companies at European level that perform their activities taking into consideration the preservation of species and nature. This membership fully represents the objectives of João Portugal Ramos Vinhos group, which adopted these environmental policies several years ago.

After receiving in 2008 the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award by the Ministry of Agriculture, in 2012 and 2013 Company of the Year and Viticulture of the Year awards by the Portuguese magazine “Revista de Vinhos”, and the Empreendouro award by UTAD, this is the first international recognition of the project, awarded by European entities. Another outstanding award for the wine sector and Portuguese businessmen.

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