Two Winemakers who have made history in Portugal over the last few decades, in two regions that the world recognises as being of high quality and having strong personality, the Douro and Alentejo, meet again in a project thought out for the Douro, in the regions of the Cima Corgo and Hight Douro, two exceptional and protected terroirs. Thus, DUORUM is born, a project "from two", envisaged and brought to life in the age-old vineyards of the Douro.

DUORUM Wines started in January 2007 as an expression of wishes of João Portugal Ramos and José Maria Soares Franco wishes to join their activities as professional winemakers in one wine production project from Douro region, with unique characteristics and an international dimension.


Leading Duorum - Vinhos SA, the new project from J. Portugal Ramos Group, is José Maria Soares Franco, with Luís de Castro as his main partner in administration and, a technical partner João Perry Vidal - in charge of viticulture, in addiction, José Maria Soares Franco has access to all the human resources available to J. Portugal Ramos Group.
Biography - João Portugal Ramos The visionary of a new world for Portuguese wines
Born into a family with a long history of wine production, João Portugal Ramos completed his studies in agronomy at the Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon.

In 1980, after a period of training at the National Viticulture Studies Centre in Dois Portos, he embarked on a career as an winemaker in the Alentejo region.

João Portugal Ramos established his winemaking consultancy business - Consulvinus, at the end of the 80´s with the aim of dealing with the various requests from several producers all over the country. In this way, from 1989 onwards Consulvinus extended its activity beyond the Alentejo region to Ribatejo, Península de Setúbal, Dão, Beiras, Estremadura and the Douro. It also participated in the recovery of renowned and distinguished Portuguese wines and revitalized regions that were becoming forgotten by both wine-lovers and consumers.

The successes achieved and prizes won by these wines throughout his career have brought him national and international acclaim as one of the main figures responsible for the development of Portuguese wines during the last twenty years.
In 1990 João Portugal Ramos started his personal project by planting the first hectares of vineyards in Estremoz, where he has lived since 1988.

The first harvest dates from 1992 and in 1997 the vinification took place in the new estate for the first time. The winery was enlarged in 2000, and nowadays comprises 9.000 square meters (vineyards not included).
Biography - José Maria Soares Franco A wine architect in the Douro.
Born in Lisbon, descending from a family with roots in the Alentejo region, José Maria Soares Franco recalls how he used to guess the magic and mysteries hidden  in a bottle of wine.

The passion for land and nature led him to opt for a degree in Agronomy (1972/1977) and later on for a training at the National Viticultural Station (1978). At the time there were no winemakers, only "tasters". That was the case of Fernando Nicolau de Almeida, the famous creator of the first Barca Velha, in 1952, at AA Ferreira winery, where José Maria Soares Franco joined in 1979 after a few months of training at the Madeira Wine Institute.

During that period he was in charge of some of the most respected brands of Douro and Porto wines.

José Maria Soares Franco developed his activity in Douro responsible for the production of Douro and Porto wines during 28 years, from 1979 to 2007. He also participated closely in vineyards and winemaking restructuration that started in the early 80´s.

"Respecting all that Douro has taught me in the past, today I am working in the Golden River Valley, where Man and Nature meet again, creating Duorum wines for the future."
Biography - João Perry Vidal The connoisseur that combines modernism with his knowledge of Douro Wines.
João Perry Vidal started his career in 1999 as technical director of viticulture with J. Portugal Ramos Wines in the Alentejo region.

He has also been involved in the Duorum project since its beginning as Technical Director for Viticulture.

João has a degree in Oenology from the University of Trás-os-Montes and also has a Post-Graduation in Oenology at the School of Biotechnology, Catholic University of Oporto.

"Duorum represents a life project in which I am proud to participate from the start.
It is an innovative project that combines modernity with secular knowledge of wines produced in the Douro Region.
We wish to leave a personal mark by passing what we know best and do best."
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